Best Boat Cleaning Products: Unbiased Review

Detailing your boat can be a confusing and labor-intensive process.  There are many different surfaces to clean and dozens of products available for each.  To help determine the best boat cleaning products, BoaterInput surveyed 250 boat owners to find out which brands are most popular and highest rated. Best Boat Cleaning  Products: Overall Brand Ratings […]

Boat Detailing Products

Washing and Waxing: How to Detail a Boat

Cleaning and waxing your boat is important to keep it looking nice and to protect it from the elements.  However, knowing how to detail a boat can be a challenge since there are dozens of products available that sound similar.  For example, should you use a boat wash or a hull cleaner?  Both clean your […]

How to wash and wax your boat

Best Boat Wax: Unbiased Review

Waxing your boat is one of those necessary evils.  Nobody likes to do it but it is critical to protect the finish and keep your boat looking nice.  But what wax should you use?  To answer this question, we surveyed boaters to identify the best boat wax brands.  We also discuss some of the different […]

Best Boat Wax

Boat Buyer’s Guide: Pontoon Boats

Helpful and unbiased advice from current boat owners. Pontoon boats have become wildly popular in recent years because of their versatility, capacity, comfort and value. But, shopping for a pontoon boat can be a confusing process because there are dozens of brands available and many look alike. To help you with your search, we put […]

Pontoon Boat Buyer's Guide

Boat Buyer’s Guide: Cruisers

Helpful and unbiased advice from current boat owners. A Cruiser is a great choice for those who boat on large waterways or enjoy doing extended stays on their vessel. Finding the right Cruiser for you can be a bit complicated because there are so many factors to consider. This Cruiser Buyer’s Guide provides tips on […]

Best Cruisers – Unbiased Review

The market for new Cruisers has been devastated since the “Great Recession” of 2008/2009. Part of the reason is the price but another contributing factor is the growth of the pontoon market. Pontoons can hold as many or more people than a typical cruiser and have many of the same creature comforts – all for […]

Best Cruisers of 2017

Boat Buyer’s Guide: Saltwater Center Console

Helpful and unbiased advice from current boat owners. Thinking of buying a saltwater center console but are not sure what to look for? You’ve come to the right place. BoaterInput surveyed 126 boat owners to find out the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new boat. Though the Saltwater Center Console category […]

Buyer's Guide: Saltwater Center Consoles

Boat Buyer’s Guide: Bowriders and Deckboats

Helpful and unbiased advice from current boat owners. Runabouts and deck boats are good general purpose pleasure boats in that they are great for cruising but also can handle many watersports duties such as skiing, tubing and wakeboarding. However, given the large number of brands to choose from, picking the right boat can be a […]

Boat Buyer’s Guide: Fiberglass Fish ‘N Ski and Multispecies Boats

Helpful and unbiased advice from current boat owners. Multispecies and Fish ‘N Ski boats are great for avid anglers who also want a boat that is more family friendly. For this reason, I have personally owned three. To help find the boat that is right for you, we asked owners to tell us what they […]

Fish 'N Ski/Multispecies Buyer's Guide