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Jerry MonaHelpful information from the leading research expert in boating

Whether you are considering buying a boat or upgrade your current one, chances are you have a lot of questions.  Which products should I consider?  What features or characteristics are most important? What equipment should I add to increase my boating enjoyment?

BoaterInput.com was developed to provide answers to these and other questions from an objective and trustworthy source – namely other boaters.  You see, as a boater myself, I know that reliable information is lacking.  Since boats are typically not purchased online, there are no “five star” ratings.  Plus publishers of boating magazines (in print or online) are often very careful to avoid offending their sponsors and so they are not always objective.

What makes BoaterInput.com different is that much of the content is generated from scientific research studies conducted by the leading research expert in boating (Jerry Mona).  Since 1991, I have surveyed tens of thousands of boaters on behalf of leading marine manufacturers.  Now I am sharing much of that same kind of information with you (and for free!).  All you need to do is register on this site to see all of the content.  You will not be spammed but you will have an opportunity to sign up to take part in future boater studies.  Plus, when you do, you will often receive Amazon or Bass Pro Shops gift certificates as a “thank you” for your participation.

Site Content

This site contains five major sections: Boats, Gear, Community, uReviews and Polls.

The “Boats” tab is the place to start if you are shopping for a new boat. Just select the type of boat you are interested in to get information specific to that type. Within each boat type section, there are six tabs:

  • Articles – mainly contains studies conducted with other boaters by the BoaterInput.com staff. You will need to register on the site to review the full content.
  • Reviews – reviews submitted by site members for the benefit of other boaters. You will need to register on the site to submit a review.
  • Product News – information directly from manufacturers on their products. This information is NOT written or edited by the BoaterInput staff. It is provided to enable boating enthusiasts to stay abreast of the newest products.
  • Manufacturers – to help you in your search for a new boat, we provide one of the most comprehensive manufacturer directories on the internet.
  • Incentives – lists any manufacturer offers available for the type of boat you are interested in.
  • Forum – enables you to engage with other boaters interested in the same type of boat as you.

Gear” is the place to find information on things to add to your boat or enhance your boating enjoyment. It includes articles or product news on everything from fish finders to water skis and boater apps. At the bottom of the gear page is an incentives tab that lists recent manufacturer or retailer offers.

Community” is where you can engage with other boaters directly with questions or advice. Plus, I will use your questions to identify potential topics to ask the broader boater community (via surveys).

The “uReviews” tab is where you can submit or read a review from other boat owners. If you currently or recently owned a boat, submitting a review is one of the very best things you can do on behalf of others in our boating community.

Polls” is where you can share your opinions on a variety of poll topics. Each poll typically takes a maximum of 1 to 2 minutes. After you submit your responses, you will be able to see the real-time results.

About Jerry Mona

Like many of you, I love all things related to boats and boating.  In 1991, I left a promising career with Coca-Cola Foods to pursue my passion for the water by accepting a job at Mercury to head up the market research department.  Years later, I left Mercury’s parent company, Brunswick Corporation, to launch Left Brain Marketing, Inc. – a research company specializing in helping marine manufacturers understand the needs and wants of boaters.  Thousands of you have taken part in my studies to determine what you look for in a boat or motor, what you think of various brands, get feedback to some new product ideas or determine how well existing products are measuring up to your expectations.

This has been, and continues to be, my life’s work.    The difference, however, is that now I am making some of those same insights available to individual boaters through BoaterInput.com.

1980s - Lake Panorama, IA

1980s – Lake Panorama, IA

But my love of boating and fishing really started long ago.  Since the age of five, my favorite and most frequent family vacation destination was the Lake of the Ozarks (long before it became the on-water party capital of the Midwest).  This is where I got hooked on fishing.  My siblings nick-named me “Virgil Ward” (the host of a very old television fishing show).  I loved the segment where Virgil showcased the latest lures through his cheesy fish tank.  I was often “hooked” and would save my allowance and ride my bike to the tackle store to buy the next gizmo that was “guaranteed” to help me catch more bass.

Later on, during my college years, I got the best summer job ever – working at a marina on Lake Panorama in Iowa.  I pumped gas, put in boat lifts or sold bait during the day, and got to play in many cool boats at night.  This is where I learned how to slalom ski which I enjoy doing to this day.

Developing BoaterInput.com is the culmination of my life-long passion for the water and my professional experience as a researcher.  I have personally invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars developing this.  I sincerely hope you find the information here useful but know there is a lot more we could do together.   Key to this is getting more boaters involved since that will enable me to get more “granular” (i.e., specific) with the data.  With this in mind, if you know of others who might be interested, please invite them to check out and register on the site.

Finally, as you review the site, please let me know what you think or what information you’d like to see by posting a comment, participating in the forum, or by sending me a message.  This site was designed with boaters like you in mind and will only get better as a result of your input.

Happy Boating,

Jerry Mona

Jerry Mona