Best Boats of 2018

Best Boat Brands of 2018

Top Brands by Boat Type

by Jerry Mona

Trying to determine the best boat for your needs can be difficult since there are dozens of brands to choose from.   To help you narrow the field, BoaterInput surveys hundreds of boaters to identify the best boat brands of 2018.

Because owners tend to be heavily biased towards their own brand, we asked survey participants to identify the three brands they would most likely consider if shopping for a new boat along with the one brand they prefer and why.

A link to each report, by boat type, is provided below.

These reports should minimally help you to determine which brands should be on your “short list” before heading to the boat show or traveling to dealers.  Of course, not all brands will necessarily be available in your local market and having a quality dealer nearby for servicing is an important consideration.

Besides knowing which brands to consider, you might also want to check out our boat buyer’s guides to determine what characteristics to look for when shopping for a new boat.

We hope you find this information to be helpful.  If so, please share with your boater friends and encourage them to sign up on this site so that we can continue to provide more and better research for boaters in the months ahead.