Fish and Ski boats are great for active families that want to do more than fish.  Walleye boats are ideal for avid anglers in northern waterways.  If you are in the market for one of these, BoaterInput can help you with your search.  We polled current owners to find out which brands offer the best Fish and Ski boats or Walleye Boats based on their experience.

But first, lets distinguish these two types since Fiberglass Fish and Ski boats and Walleye Boats (also known as Multispecies boats) look very much alike. Both have front and rear casting decks, a full windshield and at least two rows of seats in the main cockpit area. However, Walleye boats tend to have a deeper hull and higher gunnel – good for northern waterways. Fish and Skis, on the other hand, more closely resemble bass boats and may be better suited for bass fishing or navigating shallow areas. Both types are generally well equipped for fishing and watersports activities.


Though this is a relatively small boating segment, we received feedback from 55 owners.  Below is a summary of the best Fish and Ski boats and Walleye boats according to current owners.


FISH AND SKI/WALLEYE BOATS% Selecting in Top 3Favorite Brand
Lund (Fiberglass)16%2%
  1. Ranger

The Ranger brand is known for quality and their Walleye and fish ‘n ski models are no exception. Besides their solid construction, they are regarded as comfortable, safe and having a good resale value. Representative comments regarding why many consider Ranger one of the best Fish and Ski boats or best walleye boats…

…I have experienced all sorts of weather and waters in my Rangers and know firsthand how sturdy and safe and reliable they (Ranger) are.

John E., Mannford, OK
  • “I feel that Ranger is the best made boat available with its amount of floatation built into the boat.” (Joe N., Sugar Land, TX)
  • “I have owned more than one Ranger boat, although the Triton is well constructed and possibly as sturdy and reliable as the Ranger, I have experienced all sorts of weather and waters in my Rangers and know firsthand how sturdy and safe and reliable they are.” (John E., Mannford, OK)
  • “Been in many and now own one and I say the handling and comfort of it is perfect for what I use it for” (Jack B., Green Bay, WI)
  • “Quality built. Resale value. Reputation of brand. Proven reliability and ride.” (anonymous)
  • “Quality, finish, features, resale value.” (Steve E., Apple Valley, MN)
  • “Best boat out there, plus great resale!” (Ed T., Rush City, MN)
  1. Skeeter

As the second most popular choice, Skeeter also has a reputation for being well built. They are also known for their ride/performance and being less “pricey” than a Ranger making them an excellent value.  Because they are owned by Yamaha, Skeeters are exclusively packaged with Yamaha engines which is fine with many boaters but unacceptable to some.

  • “My current Skeeter is an extremely well built boat and out performs all of the other boats I have owned.” (anonymous)
  • “Value for price point.” (anonymous)
  • “I have found Skeeter knows how to build a great walleye fishing boat.” (Charles P., Bismarck, ND)
  • “Great boat, rides well, dependable. Great value.” (Diane W., Coon Rapids, MN)
  1. Other Brands

Because of the limited sample size of Walleye/fish and ski owners, we cannot say reliably why some preferred other brands. However, for Stratos and Nitro, price appears to be a key factor whereas prior experience and value were mentioned by those favoring Triton.

As with bass boats, if you are looking for a top of the line product in terms of quality and comfort, then Ranger may be your best choice. If you are more concerned about ride/performance and want to save a few bucks, then take a close look at Skeeter or perhaps Triton. But if your budget is more limited, consider a Stratos or Nitro or maybe even a newer model used boat.

To help you shop for a fiberglass multispecies or fish ‘n ski boat, check out our “Boat Buyer’s Guide: Fish N Skis and Multispecies boats” or go to our comprehensive manufacturer directory for links to all the major brands.

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