Best Places to Buy Marine Engine Supplies Online

Now is the time of year to get your boat ready for winter season.   In this exclusive report, available for free to BoaterInput subscribers, I evaluate the best places to buy outboard and sterndrive engine supplies online based on relative prices, ease of shopping and customer satisfaction.

And the results will likely surprise you.  In fact, my #1 recommended location – which consistently offers low prices, receives high ratings, and has generous shipping and return policies – is a company I have never heard of before doing my research.   This despite the fact that I have been a boat owner and an industry insider for over 3 decades.

In the report, you will see a comparison of prices for common engine maintenance supplies such as oil, oil filters and gear lube across ten online retailers for both Mercury and Yamaha supplies.  I also list several companies that you shouldn’t waste your time with (even though one of them has excellent prices).

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Jerry Mona is an avid boater and angler and long-time boating industry insider. With over three decades of experience, he is often considered to be the leading research expert with boaters and has helped numerous manufacturers and trade associations to understand the needs, wants, attitudes and behaviors of boaters. He now shares many of his insights about boats and boaters for free on his website.

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