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Marine Waxes and Polishes

There are dozens of boat wax and polish brands available but selecting the right product for your boat can be very confusing.  And picking the wrong product can actually damage or prematurely age your hull.   That is why I created this Boat Wax and Polish product selector tool.  Just specify one or more filters and it will display applicable products from leading marine wax and polish manufacturers such as Meguiar’s, Starbrite, Collinite, 3M, Marine 31 and Lucas Oil.

To learn more about the different types of waxes and polishes, be sure to check out my companion article here.

Please note that I have included links to each product for your convenience.  If you click on a link and buy something, BoaterInput will receive a small commission to help defray some of the cost to maintain this site. 

How to Use the Tool

Using the Product Selector is very easy.  Just select from one or more of the following six menu items:

  • Goal. Is your intention to protect your existing finish or restore it to a newer state?  The former is achieved with a wax while the latter requires a “polish” or “compound” first to restore (or at least improve) the finish before a wax is applied.
  • Hull Condition. Here you can specify the condition of your hull ranging from “Like New” to “Heavy Oxidation/Defects” to filter the applicable set of preparation and wax products listed.  Note that if a wax has no or very little abrasives, it will appear regardless of the hull condition selected in case you wish to protect your hull “as is” or are using a non-abrasive wax after a more aggressive cutting and/or polishing treatment.
  • Brand. Several major brands are listed.  If you have a particular favorite, you can filter the results by selecting it in the drop down box.
  • Wax Type. You can select either a natural (Carnauba) wax or a synthetic wax (polymer). It is generally believed that natural waxes (with Carnauba) will give you the best possible shine whereas synthetic waxes bond better and therefore will last 2-4X longer.
  • Function. Most products are designed for a “single purpose” but there are also some “multi-purpose” products designed to save time (such as wash and wax or polish and wax).

In addition to the above “filterable” selections, you can also do a free-form search to find products that list the keywords you entered in their product descriptions.

3MPerfect-It Boat Wax32ProtectNew, Light, Moderate, HeavySingle PurposeCarnaubaLiquid
ColliniteFLEETWAX PASTE - 885 (Ultra durable high gloss sealant)12ProtectNew, Light, Moderate, HeavySingle PurposeCarnaubaPaste
ColliniteMarine Wax (925)16ProtectNew, Light, Moderate, HeavySingle PurposeCarnauba, PolymerLiquid
Lucas OilSlick Mist Marine Speed Wax24ProtectNew, Light, Moderate, HeavySingle PurposePolymerSpray
MeguiarsMeguiars® Flagship Premium Marine Wax Paste11ProtectNew, Light, Moderate, HeavySingle PurposePolymerPaste
MeguiarsMeguiars® Marine/RV Quik Wax16ProtectNew, Light, Moderate, HeavySingle PurposeCarnaubaSpray
MeguiarsMeguiars® Flagship Premium Marine Wax32ProtectNew, Light, Moderate, HeavySingle PurposePolymerLiquid
MeguiarsMeguiars® Marine/RV Pure Wax Carnauba Blend - 16 oz16ProtectNew, Light, Moderate, HeavySingle PurposeCarnauba, PolymerLiquid
MeguiarsMeguiars® Flagship Ultimate Detailer24ProtectNew, Light, Moderate, HeavySingle PurposePolymerSpray
StarbritePresoftened Paste Wax - 14 oz14ProtectNew, Light, Moderate, HeavySingle PurposeCarnaubaPaste
StarbriteBoat Wash & Wax32ProtectNew, Light, Moderate, HeavyMulti PurposePolymerLiquid
MeguiarsPremium Wash-N-Wax32ProtectNew, Light, Moderate, HeavyMulti PurposePolymer, CarnaubaLiquid
StarbriteMarine Polish16RestoreLight, ModerateMulti PurposePolymerLiquid
StarbritePremium Marine Polish - 32 oz32ProtectNew, Light, Moderate, HeavySingle PurposePolymerLiquid
3MPerfect-It Gelcoat Heavy Cutting Compound32RestoreHeavySingle PurposeNALiquid
ColliniteMACHINE POLISHING COMPOUND (631)16RestoreHeavySingle PurposeNALiquid
Marine 31Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Oxidation Cleaner16RestoreHeavySingle PurposeNALiquid
MeguiarsMeguiars Marine/RV Professional Grade Power Cut Compound32RestoreHeavySingle PurposeNALiquid
MeguiarsMeguiar's Marine/RV Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover16RestoreModerateSingle PurposeNALiquid
MeguiarsMeguiar's® Marine/RV Color Restorer16RestoreLightSingle PurposeNALiquid
MeguiarsMeguiar's Marine/RV High Gloss Polish16RestoreLight, Moderate, HeavySingle PurposeNALiquid
MeguiarsMeguiars Marine/RV One-Step Compound32RestoreHeavyMulti PurposeNALiquid
StarbriteLiquid Rubbing Compound For Heavy Oxidation - 16 oz16RestoreHeavySingle PurposeNALiquid
3M3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Compound + Polish32RestoreHeavy, ModerateSingle PurposeNALiquid
Marine 31Gel Coat Final Step Polish16RestoreLightSingle PurposeNALiquid
3MPerfect-It Gelcoat Medium Cutting Compound + Wax32RestoreModerateMulti PurposePolymerLiquid
ColliniteHEAVY DUTY CLEANER - 920 (Medium Cutting Compound)16RestoreModerateSingle PurposeNALiquid
StarbriteLiquid Rubbing Compound For Medium Oxidation - 16 oz16RestoreModerateSingle PurposeNALiquid
3MMarine Fiberglass Restorer and Wax128Restore, ProtectHeavyMulti PurposeCarnauba, PolymerLiquid
3M3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish + Wax32Restore, ProtectLightMulti PurposePolymerLiquid
MeguiarsMeguiars® Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax32Restore, ProtectLightMulti PurposeCarnauba, PolymerLiquid
StarbritePremium Cleaner Wax - 32 oz32Restore, ProtectLight, ModerateMulti PurposePolymerLiquid
ColliniteFLEETWAX CLEANER-WAX - 870 (all in one restorer + protector)16Restore, ProtectModerateMulti PurposeCarnaubaLiquid
Marine 31Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Cleaner Wax32Restore, ProtectModerate, HeavySingle PurposePolymerLiquid
StarbritePremium Restorer Wax - 32 oz32Restore, ProtectModerate, HeavyMulti PurposePolymerLiquid

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