MerCruiser vs Volvo – A Review of Sterndrive Engines

If you are considering purchasing a sterndrive boat, you might be wondering whether the brand of engine matters – MerCruiser vs Volvo?  In this article, I compare owner satisfaction with each brand based on our unbiased survey of boat owners.   And I discuss the specific strengths and weaknesses of each. The findings are based on […]

Sterndrive Powered Boats

Top Rated Outboard Engine 150 HP+

In the “old days”, you could get most any major engine brand with the boat you wanted.  That all changed when engine manufacturers acquired boat companies or started selling directly to boat builders instead of dealers.  As a result, many boat brands are only packaged with a single engine brand.  But what if you are […]

Top Rated Outboard Engines - 150HP+

Top Rated Outboard Motor Under 150 HP

The engine is a critical component of any motor boat package.   It represents about half the cost and is responsible for much of the maintenance.  But are all major brands pretty much the same or are some more dependable than others?  In this article, we identify the top rated outboard motor in the under 150 […]

Top Rated Outboard Motors Under 150 HP