Where to buy boat supplies – Survey Findings

Determining where the buy boat supplies such as oil, lubes and cleaning supplies can be a bit of a challenge.  On the one hand, you want to be sure to get the right product for your boat and motor without paying an exorbitant amount.  On the other hand, if it is Wednesday and you have […]

Boat Supplies

Boat Winterization Checklist

Unless you live in a warm climate and use your boat year-round, “winterizing” is important to protect your investment and ensure that is ready to go next season.  In this article, we’ve developed a boat winterization checklist based on our recent survey of 155 boat owners in the US. DO YOU NEED TO WINTERIZE YOUR […]

Winterization Best Practices

Washing and Waxing Video

Waxing your fiberglass boat periodically not only helps it to look nice but also protects it from the elements. In this 14-minute video, I explain the types of products to use and the process to properly wash and wax your boat. Much of the content in this video stems from my recent series of articles […]

Best Marine Deep Cycle Battery – Research Findings

Having a good deep cycle battery can make the difference between a successfully day of fishing vs. a shortened return to the dock.  In this article, we identify the most popular and top rated Deep Cycle batteries based on our recent survey of 233 boat owners. Types of Deep Cycle Batteries Deep Cycle batteries are […]

Top Rated Marine Deep Cycle Batteries

Top Rated Marine Starting Batteries

Finding the right starting battery for your boat can be confusing because there are dozens of brands and different types to choose from.  In this article, we explain the various types and identify the top rated marine starting batteries based on our survey of nearly 300 boat owners. Types of Marine Batteries Starting or “Cranking” […]

Best Boat Cleaning Products: Unbiased Review

Detailing your boat can be a confusing and labor-intensive process.  There are many different surfaces to clean and dozens of products available for each.  To help determine the best boat cleaning products, BoaterInput surveyed 250 boat owners to find out which brands are most popular and highest rated. Best Boat Cleaning  Products: Overall Brand Ratings […]

Boat Detailing Products

Washing and Waxing: How to Detail a Boat

Cleaning and waxing your boat is important to keep it looking nice and to protect it from the elements.  However, knowing how to detail a boat can be a challenge since there are dozens of products available that sound similar.  For example, should you use a boat wash or a hull cleaner?  Both clean your […]

How to wash and wax your boat

Best Boat Wax: Unbiased Review

Waxing your boat is one of those necessary evils.  Nobody likes to do it but it is critical to protect the finish and keep your boat looking nice.  But what wax should you use?  To answer this question, we surveyed boaters to identify the best boat wax brands.  We also discuss some of the different […]

Best Boat Wax