How to Maintain Your Boat

Cleaning and Waxing Your Boat

Cleaning and Waxing Your Boat

by Jerry Mona

Buying a boat is a big investment.  In order to keep it looking good and to protect it from the elements, some routine maintenance is critical.

But knowing the right products to use can be very confusing since there are dozens of products to choose from.  In this series of articles, we talk about how to properly clean and wax your boat and the best products to use to make your choir easier or more effective.

The information is from our survey of 250 boat owners to identify the most popular and highest rated brands used.

  • How to Detail a Boat.  In this article, we explain the steps involved in cleaning and waxing a boat and talk about the different types of cleaning products and waxes available – including some of the multi-step products designed to both clean and wax to save time.
  • Best Boat Cleaning Products.  Here we list the highest rated and most popular cleaning brands for various surfaces – including the exterior, upholstery, windshields and even chrome or stainless steel components.
  • Best Boat Wax.  The highest rated and most popular wax brands are listed plus we talk about some of the advantages of polymer sealants vs. traditional (carnauba) waxes for fiberglass boats.

The information in the above reports should guide you in choosing the right types of products to keep your boat looking nice for years to come.  If you found this to be helpful, please share it with your boater friends and encourage them to sign up on this site so that we can continue to provide more and better research for boaters in the months ahead.