How to Purchase

Below are some handy resources to help you navigate the boat purchase and registration process.

  • How to buy a used boat

How to buy a boat from a private seller

November 11, 2022|

The vast majority of Used boats purchased today are bought directly from a private party.  However, buying a boat from an individual instead of a dealer requires you to do a little more work and carries additional risks.  In this article, I outline the key steps to purchasing a used boat and provide suggestions for how to protect your interests along the way.  It is assumed that you have already found a used boat to potentially purchase.  However, if you are still trying to decide which type of boat to buy or where to find a boat online, be [...]

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How to Register a Boat

November 10, 2022|

You just bought a boat and are anxious to start using it.  But, before you can legally use it on public waterways, you likely need to register it with your state. What is a Boat Registration? Whereas a boat title designates who has legal ownership of a boat, the registration dictates whether the vessel can be legally docked, stored, moored and/or operated on public waters within that state. Nearly all motorized boats and even some non-motorized vessels are required to be registered. When you register your boat, you will need to pay a fee.  The amount typically varies based on [...]