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    Raja Ampat Islands: A Bucket-List Worthy Destination!

    When we think of Indonesia, most people think of Bali. While Bali sure is a hotspot for tourists from across the globe, there is much more than just Bali when it comes to Indonesia. One of the lesser-known wonders in the country is the archipelago of 1500 islands, the Raja Ampat Islands. For those who have never heard or read about the Raja Ampat Islands, it is a group of one of the most isolated islands in the world. You will have to travel by different modes of transportation that are most likely to include a plane, bus, ferries, and boats, to reach this place. But, it is worth every minute and penny you spend travelling. Well, obviously the most famous and popular thing to do here is going for a diving cruise Raja Ampat. But, again, that is not all. Even if you are not so much into diving, you should travel all the way to this little secluded heaven on earth as it offers a variety of other adventures and pleasures too.

    Among other things, watching the sunsets and sunrise is something that you should not miss. A blue sky, with spreading shades of red and orange, with a background score of water, Raja Ampat offers many photograph-worthy scenes and once you see this show of nature, waking up early and travelling this far would be worth it. Also, you can go for a snorkelling cruise Raja Ampatthat will offer you some amazing sites underwater. Also, the thrill and adventure are once in a lifetime experiences.

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