• Jerry Mona posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    @dave Thank you for joining the BoaterInput community. I love that you included a picture of you with your (North River) boat. Very nice looking rig.

    You don’t see many boats around like that around the country. I suspect you live in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon or Washington).

    Thanks again for joining the site. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for articles/information to include on this site.

    Welcome aboard,


    • Yes, I am out in Oregon. We have had several bad months of weather and I can’t make it out. So I have over 500 pounds of ice made and I have buffed the boat all out and is nice and shiny and ready to go fishing.
        • It has been a while since I did boater focus groups in Oregon. But, last time I was there, nearly all participants considered it a well-kept secret for boaters/anglers (and they didn’t particularly want more people from California to find out ;).

          Sorry to hear about the bad weather. This year has been much better than recent years down here in Texas. I have managed to get out and do some bass fishing nearly every week throughout the winter. I have lived in the Midwest most of my life (Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas) and so I am really enjoying living in the South and the ability to get outdoors/on the water throughout the year.

          Hope Spring comes to your area soon and you are able to get your baby back out there. Of course, I am sure the fish don’t mind a little break 😉

            • I am originally from Joliet Illinois, game fish in the 60s and 70s was carp for me. I would sell them to folks that like to eat them. In Oregon I mainly chased salmon, then Oregon made it so you could only buy a combined harvest tag and I started chasing the bottom fish, halibut and tuna. All I do now in ocean fish and last yer was the best year for salmon.
                • I had a similar experience. Dad used to take us fishing with nothing more than a cane pole and corn, hot dogs or his famous “dough-ball” bait for carp. That is where my love of fishing first started. Now, I am a hard-core bass guy (although I also like to slalom ski and wakeboard with my other boat during warmer weather).

                  Catching a big ole’ Tuna, Halibut or Salmon would be fun though. The closest we have in our lake are Hybrids (cross between an ocean striper and a white bass). Boy are they fun to catch…have incredible stamina and pull very hard for a 5-8 lb fish.