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  • Deck boat vs Pontoon

Deck boat vs Pontoon – which one is right for you?

May 15, 2023|

If you are considering buying a boat that can carry a lot of passengers, you might be debating between a deck boat vs pontoon.  While they offer similar benefits, there are a number of differences between the two types that will impact your on-water experience.  In this article, I discuss some of the key differences and share my thoughts regarding which type is best based on the activities you plan to do with the boat. What are Pontoon and Deck Boats? Pontoons Most all boaters know what a pontoon boat is.  It is basically a large, rectangular [...]

  • Angler Qwest Pro Striper

Best Pontoon Fishing Boats

April 10, 2023|

Pontoon boats have become incredibly popular over the past couple of decades because of their comfort, versatility and ability to accommodate multiple passengers.  Though often used for "pleasure" activities such as cruising, entertaining or watersports (e.g., tubing), many pontoon owners also like to fish.  In this article, I identify some of the more popular pontoon brands that offer models designed specifically for fishing to help you find the pontoon fishing boat that is right for your needs. What is a Pontoon Fishing Boat? While you can fish from most any pontoon boat, there are a few key features that make [...]

  • Fishing Pontoon Boats

What to look for in a Fishing Pontoon Boat

April 4, 2023|

Pontoon boats have become incredibly popular in recent years because of their comfort, versatility and ability to accommodate numerous guests.  And, many pontoon owners enjoy fishing from their vessel.  In this article, I will share my thoughts regarding who a fishing pontoon boat is best suited for and what factors to consider when shopping for one based on over three decades of boating industry experience and personal interviews with hundreds of pontoon owners. What are Pontoon Fishing Boats? The majority of pontoon models built today are designed primarily for pleasure cruising.  They feature large bench seating and are intended to [...]

  • Tritoon
  • Wake boat
  • Saltwater Offshore
  • Fiberglass Bass
  • Aluminum Fishing Boat

What type of boat is right for me?

September 27, 2022|

Because I am in the boating business, I often get asked “what type of boat is right for me?”.   Of course, the answer largely depends on what you are wanting to do with it.  Below is a description of the more popular boat types along with my two-cents regarding who they are best suited for and the advantages and disadvantages of each based on my boat ownership and usage experience and over 30 years of doing research with boaters. ALUMINUM FISHING These boats are generally lightweight, relatively lower priced, and are used primarily for fishing, hunting or basic transportation.   [...]

  • Outboard Motor
  • Sterndrive

Is an Outboard or Sterndrive better?

September 26, 2022|

If you are shopping for a Runabout or Cruiser, you might be wondering “is an outboard or sterndrive better?”   In this article I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each propulsion type and provide some recommendations as to which one is best for a given application. Not long ago there was not much choice in the matter; smaller boats and boats designed for fishing were largely outboard powered whereas pleasure boats were often propelled by a sterndrive engine.  However, as outboards got bigger and better over time, and as the cost of sterndrives increased (due, in part, to the [...]